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About us

In 2003 several members of the Parodontology Department in Bucharest have undertaken to create the Romanian Society of Parodontology . The following are the faculty staff that are founding members: PROF. DR. DUMITRIU HORIA TRAIAN, PROF. DR. CHERLEA IOAN VALERIU, PROF. DR. CONSTANTINESCU MARIAN VLADIMIR, PhD Associate Professor DUMITRIU ANCA SILVIA, Assistant Prof. DR. GEORGESCU ALEXANDRU, Lecturer Dr.  GEORGESCU ION BOGDAN TEODOR, Assistant Prof. DR. GIURGIU MARINA - CRISTINA, Assistant Prof. DR. ISMAIL FIDAN - BAHTIAR, Assistant Prof. DR. MIRONIUC-CUREU MAGDALENA, Assistant Prof. DR. MOCANU BRANDUSA FLORINA, Lecturer Dr. PAUNICA STANA, PROF. DR. SLAVESCU DAN DUMITRU.
Notable members joined later, both domestic and from abroad.
The scientific debut of the Society is represented by the anual skills upgrade course, usually hands-on, and in the last few years by the National Conference with international participation, taking place at the same time as theAnaual UNAS Congress (National Union of Dental Associations). The hands-on course held this year was entitles „Current views and trends in diagnosing and treating gingivitis and marginal periodontitits in the dental health practice”.
The „Romanian Periodontological Society” association has granted in 2011 special merit diplomas to those participating in the 6th National Periodontological Conference and to several notable participants from abroad that have supported the activity and international recognition of the SPR.
This year the SPR organizes the 7th National Conference with internation participation in October with the thesis: „Conceptual premises and practical attitudes in monitoring an treating gingivits and marginal periodontitits.”

In March 2012, in Helsinki, the Romanian Periodontology Society was recognized as a member of the European Federationof Periodontology. This accomplishment was welcomed by all those that recognize the value of Romanian periodontology. This culminated in a remarkable ceremony of admission to the EFP Congress, „Europerio 7” held in Viena from 6 to 9 June 2012, which we have seen as a landmark event.
Therefore, at the EFP Congress „Europerio 7” held in Viena from 6 to 9 June, Romania held numerous scientific presentations by dental medical doctors, faculty members from universitart centres. The event, held every three years, was exceptionally organised. The next Congress of the European Periodontology Federation will take place in Londan in 2015, where all those interested in promoting modern perodontogy in Romania are welcome.

Prof.Dr.Horia Traian Dumitriu
Honorary president of the Romanian Periodontology Society

Romanian Society of Periodontology

About us